Penis Size Insecurities

  1. Their Previous Partner Was Bigger
  2. How Big is Big Enough?
  3. Does Penis Size Matter?
  4. Can I Be Too Big?

Their Previous Partner Was Bigger

Someone might be worried that their partner has had a larger penis than their’s, and want to know the affects it will have on the satisfaction they can provide. The questions they may have are once the partner receives that level of friction or deeper penetration, will they not be considered as good in comparison. Also, they may be wondering if a thicker penis loosens a vagina – making the person not feel as big to their partner.

The vagina is amazing. It can be very accommodating to a larger penis, but also provide adequate tightness for the average or small. In most cases, the vagina can expand enough to fit a very thick penis, but it does take work and patience to make it comfortable. If the vagina is repeatedly stretched beyond what it feels comfortable with, it can cause some vaginal laxity. However, the laxity is typically if the vagina is really small and the penis very large, and the ‘loosening’ is very minor – and not even typically noticed unless the penis is really small. To add, if a vagina stops being dilated to a certain degree, the pelvic floor pressure will tighten the vagina. You can see this in relationships where one partner has a very large penis – and they stop having sex for a period of time. The person with the vagina will typically have to “readjust” to the penis.

What this means is that you should not worry about your partner’s previous lovers. Size discrepancies between genitals typically work themselves out in a sex life, unless they are the extreme end of large or small – in which case, sex may need to get a little more creative.

How Big is Big Enough?

That all depends on the partner. Just as there are varying sizes of penises, there are also varying sizes of vaginas. However, if you are anywhere between 4″ – 7″ in length and 4.5″ – 6″ in circumference, then you really don’t have to worry about penis size. In almost every case, your penis will not be the issue. What you should be focused on is how to gratify your partner and yourself.

Does Penis Size Matter?

In short, yes. There can be too small and too big. However, if you are anywhere between 4″ – 7″ in length and 4.5″ – 6″ in circumference, then you have over a 95% chance of not having any issue in the penis department.

Can I Be Too Big?

Yes. A long penis has a tendency of putting deep pressure on the cervix, and putting the uterosacral ligaments on stretch – which can be painful to many women. A very thick penis has a tendency to put strain on the pelvic floor and because of tension, squeezing the penis very tightly and causing too much friction. The vagina is very accommodating so regular sex with a large penis typically starts to relieve some of this discomfort, but in the meantime, they can absolutely be considered too big.

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